VOLUME 13, N1 January 2017 (PUBLISHED) - VOLUME 14, N3 December 2018 (PUBLISHED)

General Information


Computing and Information Sciences is a peer reviewed journal that is committed to timely publication of original research, surveying and tutorial contributions on the analysis and development of computing and information science. The journal is designed mainly to serve researchers and developers, dealing with information and computing. Papers that can provide both theoretical analysis, along with carefully designed computational experiments, are particularly welcome. The journal is published 2-3 times per year with distribution to librarians, universities, research centers, researchers in computing, mathematics, and information science. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies in order to publish papers of only the highest quality. The refereeing is done by anonymous Reviewers. Often, reviews take four months to six months to obtain, occasionally longer, and it takes an additional several months for the publication process.

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Referencing - Indexing - Abstracting

The journal is currently referenced and indexed in well-known sources of information. The jouranl gets its reputation from the quality of papers that it publishes.

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Submission Instructions

Authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original work written in good English that has neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by, other journals according to the following format.

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Publication Malpractice

The International Journal of International Conference on Computer and Applications (IJCIS) adheres to the highest standard of ethics of publication of scholarly research work. The journal’s “Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement’ is guided by COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors. It is necessary that all parties involved in publishing process: the authors, the editor-in-chief, editorial board, the peer reviewers, and the publisher agree to abide by the highest standards of ethical behavior of research publication.


Ethical Requirements

The journal requires that authors of a submitted paper should provide a seperate letter uploaded with the paper stating that:

Any paper violating the above rules will simply be discarded and the authors will be banned from any further submission to the journal.


Published Volumes

The journal has published so far five volumes over the past five years. Each volume contains original papers which have been selected based on the reviewers recommendations. Each paper has been reviewed by at least three reviewers. The volumes are freely available on-line in zip format. The published papers are also freely available on-line in pdf format. 

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Advertising on this Site

The journal welcomes any advertisement related to education and research. If you have something to advertise on this site, please contact directly the journal secretary. The accepted categories are:

All advertising is subject to acceptance by the editor as being consistent with the aims and directions of the Journal.


Prof. Jihad Mohamad Alja'am 

The Journal Secretary
Eng. Dana Bandok
Ontario, Canada 
Email: dana.bandock@ijcis.info

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