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I N D E X E D     B O O K - Published by SPRINGER - OCTOBER 2019
         Emerging Technologies in Biomedical Engineering and Sustainable TeleMedicine

International Workshop on
Emerging Technologies in Biomedical Engineering and TeleMedicine - ETBET’18
Doha - Qatar, February 18th-19th, 2018

Call for Contribution - Call for Contribution - Call for Contribution - Call for Contribution - Call for Contribution - Call for Contribution
IAOE, iJAM, Brunel University - UK, Transilvania University of Brasov - ROMANIA
QATAR UNIVERSITY - Women Library Building, Auditorium Room #117



General Information


The International workshop on Emerging Technologies in Biomedical Engineering and TeleMedicine (ETBET'18). The main objective of this international workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in biomedical engineering and in the health sectors to meet in Doha and share their experience and knowledge with Qatari researchers working in theses sectors. They should discuss the recent trends in these fields and find the best ways to implement them in Qatar to improve the quality of services of health. The invited keynote speakers have long experience in both academia and industry. They will share their knowledge with Qatari researchers, organise training sessions and tutorials, and write joint proposals for submittal to QNRF through its NPRP program. They will discuss also the implementation of a new program in telemedicine to be offered in Qatar University either at the Master or the PhD programs. We will discuss the new platform used in ehealth which are DietHub: an online platform that connects patient with nutrition experts to propose healthy meals to obese people. In fact, obesity is one of the challenge health problem in Qatar; DigiHeart: a platform for diabetic patients. The diabetes disease is another health challenge in the country and immediate and particle solutions should be proposed.

Telemedicine is not in competition with the traditional system and services of healthcare. However, it should improve the quality of services offered by contributing to the homogenization of medicine without any geographical barriers. Telemedicine transforms local hospitals, with limited services, into a node of an integrated network. In this manner, these nodes start to play an important role in preventive medicine and in high-level management of chronic diseases. The main challenge in telemedicine development in a country consists of creating human capacity in “health informatics” and in “e-health management”. The topics of the workshop include: Synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine with deep discussions on e-health applications; virtual medical assistance, real-time virtual visits, digital telepathology, home health monitoring, and medication adherence. We will discuss also wearable sensors, tele-monitoring hubs and sensors, Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality as well as e-learning technologies that can be used in telemedicine. The workshop addresses the main challenges the health sector is facing in the state of Qatar. In fact, the number of inhabitants in the country is growing monthly due the huge improvement of the country infrastructure (i.e., new port, new stadiums for the world cup, bridges, hospitals, schools, etc.). It is noted that around 30 thousand new workers enter Doha every month. The number of population is reaching currently 2.6 million. The health institutions in the country are limited and cannot satisfy the need of patients in an efficient manner. Requesting an appointment for a surgical operation may take several months or even years. The station is alarming and this workshop will propose practical solutions to address these challenges. The participants will discuss the implementation of e-health technology in Qatar. The workshop will contribute to the improvement of quality of services in the health sector. Doctors will be able to follow up their patients remotely without the need to meet regularly. This will reduce the strain on Qatari hospitals and health centres in the country and save time and money. The workshop will shed the light on the existing gap between traditional and telemedicine healthcare.

 This workshop will help create new opportunities for scientific exchange and collaborations among researchers of the three participating universities and beyond. On the other hand, the workshop scope and coverage is quite unique particularly in terms of the application domains that it targets. This will help establish Qatar as a unique hub for the dissemination of state of the art research in the telemedicine field. Qatar is already ideally positioned as a focal point in contemporary media and news production industry. This workshop will further enhance Qatar’s position in scientific dissemination of relevant technologies, particularly when applied to healthcare ecosystems. Furthermore, the workshop will hold a targeted training programme as part of its planned proceedings. This training programme will be addressed to PhD/MSc students as well as early career researchers from Qatari HE institutions in addition to businesses, e.g. SME’s, concerned with the Qatari healthcare. The training programme is designed to enhance the skillset of Qatari working in healthcare services.

One of the key beneficiaries of the proposed workshop is the Qatari healthcare. The involvement of representatives from this sector will establish a liaison between the health sector and international researchers in the field and create opportunities for further interactions and mutually beneficial initiatives for collaborative research, training and knowledge transfer partnerships. The training programme delivered by the workshop organisers with the involvement of key international experts in the field of telemedicine will also prove beneficial to the delegates from the Qatari healthcare.

Finally, the workshop will be an ideal opportunity for researchers from the Qatari as well as international scientific and research community to share their most recent findings, and hence, an
incentive to achieve breakthroughs and push the boundaries in the related fields. The workshop will also ensure the widest dissemination of knowledge to the Qatari as well as the international research communities.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Doru Abdul Prof.Sawan
Prof. Doru Ursutiu  Prof. Abbes Amira Prof. Abdul Hamid Sadka Prof. Mohamad Sawan
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ProfBettaz ELSADDIK Moncef Prof. Habib
Prof. Mohamed Bettaz Prof. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik Prof. Moncef Gabbouj Prof. Habib Zaidi
Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO
Serkan Prof. Teresa Dr. Ayman
Prof. Ali Mohamad Jaoua Prof. Mustafa Serkan Kiranyaz Prof. Teresa Restivo Dr. Aiman M. Erbad
Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO
ProfStela Prof.Jemni
Prof. Mohamad Khalil Prof. Stela Doina Dragulin Prof. Rogozea Liliana Prof. Monaam Jemni
Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO
DrKassem DrAmr Reza pijman
Dr. Abdallah Kassem Dr. Amr Mhamad Dr. Reza Tafreshi Dr. Pejman Moghaddam
Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO
Jhon Fethi Eng. Mircea DrAlin
Dr. John-John Cabibihan Dr. Fethi Filali Eng. Mircea Stremtan Dr. Alin Tisan
Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO Abstract & BIO


The registration is FREE for all participants. As places are limited, please register as soon as possible by sending an email to:  Eng. Naveed Nawaz with your credentials. You will receive a confirmation email about your registration.

Sponsorship and Support

  • Qatar National Research Fund - Qatar Foundation
  • Qatar University - College of Engineering
  • Springer-Verlag, Germany
  • IJCIS - Canada
  • iJAM
  • Transilvania University of Brasov - Romania
  • IEEE EMBS Lebanon-Chapter
  • IOAE


    Workshop Venue

    The two-day workshop will be held in Qatar University, Women Library Building, Auditorium Room #117.  


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    Workshop Lead Organizer Contact

    Prof. Jihad Mihamed ALJA'AM
    Qatar University - College of Engineering
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    P.O. Box 2017, Doha - Qatar





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